My Desk Podner’

Since my cat Buford has this thing about sitting in front of my computer moniter, I, in order to see what I’m doing on the screen, had to put a basket on my desk.


Ever since I put that basket on my desk, Buford insist on getting into everything. Like my popsickle basket, (see below) he also loves to get into my camera backpack when I have my camera out. (dispite my forever telling him that he can’t get in my camera backpack, he still does it, the little ********)


Candy Attack!!!!

This morning I was sitting on the carport with my cup of coffee watching the sun come up with my camera beside me, (me and my camera are inseparable) and Candy and Wolfe were feeling frisky this morning. Candy suddenly went into her famous drover stance and started stalking Wolfe. Wolfe did his usual”I don’t see you routine”  then Candy attacked!




That was my excitment for the morning.