My Desk Jockey

I know there are a lot of people who hate doing bookkeeping, I don’t really hate it, I don’t, what you would call, enjoy it. So one day I got the wild hair and had my dog Candy sit up at my desk and play bookkeeper. (she looked pretty cute if I say so myself)


Later on I was doing a photo shoot with her and I imagine that she was tired of getting flashed by my camera flash, and she gave me the cutest, hurt expression I ever saw.


Wolfe out in the yard

I took these photos quite a while back while Wolfe was out in the yard crusin’. See, Wolfe’s the type that has to have a reason to do something, but his sister, Candy, on the other hand is another story entirely, but that is another post for another day. The reason I like these photos so much is they express Wolfe’s attitude perfectly.




Three Aussies sitting on the swing

This pic was taken some years ago when Candy and Wolfe, only one at the time, decided to climb up on the swing that their cousin Kansas was occupying. After some climbing and fussing, the three of them were sitting proudly on the porch swing.

Right to left;

Kansas, Candy, and Wolfe


Baby Buford

My brother thinks he’s disgusting, my dad thinks he’s funny, my mom thinks he’s cute, and I think its great to get a reaction out of my brother!

My mom bought this really cute sun dress for her Norwich Terriers, but it doesn’t really fit them. So when I got a’hold on it, and put it on Buford, it fit purrfectly!




Cute isn’t he?