Fixing “Fronkenstien”

Over Labor Day weekend, my brother Kody was helping some of his buddies in putting “Fronkenstien” back together.


Now, “Fronkenstien” is a older Toyota pickup that has been refitted with super swamper mud tires, and has a reputation of rescuing everyone from the Deep Depths of the Infamous Red Mud.



Fronkenstien had his engin taken out and was rebuilt a few months ago, and I took these pictures while Kody, Lance, and Tom were trying to rewire the engin back up. (I won’t go into details on how they put the pieces and the parts and all the nuts and bolts back in, nor the conversation that followed)


See me in the mirror?


This is Fronkenstien’s “moon roof”


Fronkenstien has many uses; a hat rack.


This Praymantis was “praying” over Fronkenstien, and we all decided to leave him alone, only occasional asking him to pray to God to make the  !#$%&  thing run!