Dog Photography Tips on Shadow Games

I guess my inspiration on shadow pictures started when I asked my print/frame guy about a series of photos that were framed in his display room in his print shop, the framed photo was about 2½ feet wide and a foot tall and it was 5 pictures of a shadow on a cap rock and the caption under it was Dancing Shadows. After that I always have liked photos of shadows, I guess the reason why is they are so cool and different. (the same with reflections)

A dog photography tip on shadows is using the live view option on your camera so you can hold the camera away from you, like waist high, and take a photo of your shadow and by holding it waist high or away from you it gives the photo a different twist.

Now this photo I took a couple years ago and it has always been my favorite. What I did was climb up on the corral fence, put the camera in my lap and aim in the general direction of my shadow, look toward the side to show my profile, and shoot the picture. Now, shooting in the general direction of the intended subject, you’re going to miss it a few times till you get right unless you use the live view option.

Now another dog photography tip is setting your camera’s focus point on auto so the camera doesn’t pin-point a particular focus point.