Photo Friday – The Chase is on MUSTANG!!

Ok, there were several factors that inspired me to make this photo;

#1. I wanted a new desktop background, and despite the fact that I have hundreds of photos to pic for a desktop, I like having a photo that doesn’t have anything to do with dog photography for my desktop, because I see dog photography everyday and I need a mind break

#2. To make this image, it took quite a bit of Photoshop work and I wanted to test my Photoshop skills plus use a few new tricks I learned from Photoshop User magazine

#3. I am a total mustang FREAK! I love everything mustang, from the 4-legged Mustangs that are tougher than shoe leather, to the 4-wheeled Mustangs that peel rubber, to the flying Mustangs that fired 6, 50cals during World War 2

#4. And I just finished what I think now is my favorite book, called The Chase by Clive Cussler. Even though Mustangs aren’t mentioned in the book, the book is filled with incredible, adrenalin pumping chases that reminded me of the dogfights the P-51 Mustang was in during World War 2, and of car chases I’ve seen in movies, plus outlaw-sheriff horseback chases back in the Old West.

So that is what inspired me to make this photo. :) (and it is on my desktop by the way)

If you would like to see a bigger preview, click HERE

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