Dog Photography Tips for Cats

I did a post awhile back on dog photography tips for cats but since I’ve been getting more and more photos of my cat Buford lately, I decided to post a dog photography tips for cats.

Tip #1. The cat has to be in a photographing mood. If you try to photograph a cat when he’s mad or upset, it’s a recipe for getting scratched, best way to photograph a mad cat is with a telephoto lens.

Tip #2. To get original photos of cats, I like waiting till they do something really funny. Such as, cleaning their personal body parts, rolling on their backs, weird facial expressions, bug eyes, and so on.

Tip #3. On cat portraits, it’s kinda hard to get an original portrait of a cat. Mostly cat portraits consist of evil eyes, close ups of their faces, relaxing on the couch or window sill, so I decided to give it a different twist. What I did in the photo below was I placed the cat, Inky, on the window sill, petted her and convinced her to stay on the sill, (I had already decided to photograph her on a window that faced west and it was sunset at the time) then I set up my flash on the sill aimed at her, (some cats will freak at the flash unit so you might want to familiarize them with the flash before hand) then I shot the picture and the way the sun was setting made a window screen pattern on her, now the trick is not to overpower the natural lighting with the flash to ruin that cool screen effect.

Tip #4. Let a cat be a cat. I always like an animal doing what an animal does, no exception with cats

Well, that all the dog photography tips on cats for right now!