Dog Photography Tips on Outdoor Portraits Part 3

Another interesting portrait angle is “Up in the Air” that is where you are lower that the subject or the subject is higher than you. (take your pick of sayings but they both mean the same thing)

This dog photography tip works best on smaller dogs or cats. Although it looks really cool for big dogs, I’ve never gotten around to doing it. What I did for Buford in the photo above was I set him on a ladder rack that was about 4 feet off the ground I got behind him and Buford was more interested in looking over his domain than looking at me and it made for some great “cat attitude” portraits.

Now, the subject doesn’t always have to be 4 feet off the ground; it can be a porch boundary brick fence that’s about a foot and a half off the ground.

Now, I did have to edit this photo quite a bit in Lightroom 2 because I didn’t use my off camera flash although I should have. (that’s one dog photography tip I didn’t even follow my own self, but we were in a hurry and I knew I could save it in Lightroom) a dog photography tip for outdoor portraits that are in the shade and the background is in bright sunlight; you are almost guaranteed to need a off camera flash to keep the detail in the dogs face if you don’t have Lightroom.