My name is KRae Merk and I made custom headstalls and reins for horses. Amongst other things I did photography and I have a online store where many of my unique prints are available for purchase.

I did photography all through high school but my love of horses was too great for me to stay in that field for very long. Now I am going to college to become a large animal veterinarian, during my college career I am making bridles and selling my photography.

I got started making bridles when I couldn’t find a set of reins that I liked, so I braided my own. After that, I couldn’t have set of reins and not a matching headstall so I braided a headstall to match it. Then my friends saw my bridle and wanted one like it and it went on from there.

I have a Thoroughbred ex-racehorse named Ironman that I have retrained to barrel race, work cattle, and hunter jump. (he’s very good at everything) I personally have made myself three bridles; a single ear western headstall made out of Kodiak lace, a brow band style bridle made out of Kangaroo lace, (my personal favorite) and a English bridle made out of Kodiak lace.

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